Being a Kingdom Builder means being a wholehearted follower of Jesus! Jesus spoke and lived his life building God's Kingdom on earth. Jesus' first message was about Kingdom living. Jesus told us to "seek first God's Kingdom and His righteousness."

Being a Kingdom Builder means we give above our tithes to meet the needs of those we serve. Offerings to Kingdom Builders go to support mission work at local, national, and global levels. As we set our hearts on the harvest around us and around the world, we will experience the joy and power of Jesus by making a difference in the lives of those who are far from God.  A description of the ministries supported by Kingdom Builder generosity can be found in the booklet - which is linked below.  

We truly begin to live in the love and identity God has for us in Christ when we set our hearts on being generous towards God and others! Would you join us in building God's Kingdom in this generation by becoming a Kingdom Builder?

What is a tithe?

Different from our Kingdom Builders campaign, the purpose of the tithe is to fulfill the biblical principle of giving back to God 1/10th of one's income. Tithing is seen as an act of obedience, faith, and gratitude to God for His provision. By tithing, believers acknowledge God as the ultimate source of their blessings and demonstrate their trust in His ability to meet their needs. The tithe is considered a spiritual discipline that helps believers prioritize God's kingdom and support the day-to-day operations of the church.

Give Online

Is it safe? Yes, absolutely. We use a secure server and monies are directly deposited into the church's account. Give using the tool or in our church app.

Give In Person

You are always welcome to give in-person during our Sunday Services

Mail  A Check

If you are not able to use either the online or in person methods but still want to give, you can mail a check anytime to:
Lifepointe Church
10100 East State Route 69
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314