Living in the reality of Easter

I love holidays! Especially those holidays where there is a build up to “the day”!
I love holidays where school is canceled, banks and most business are not opened and friends and families naturally want to spend time eating a special meal together. The thing that I don’t like about holidays is how quickly they are over and how quickly the reason for the holiday is forgotten. Here we are the week after Easter and I’m wondering, if Easter has been reduced to a “holiday” that only effects the lives of people for a day?
What would it look like for Easter to impact us and our world like it did in the first century? I believe the same thing that happened to the disciples then would happen to us now. I believe in the same way it changed their world, it would change ours. Easter would draw us out of our fear and hiding. Easter would give our lives new meaning, new purpose and new confidence that Jesus is who He said He was. Easter would set new priorities in our lives.  Easter would change how we think about ourselves and our purpose here on earth. Easter would change everything!
We must not allow Easter to be reduced to a “holiday’. We must not allow the candy and brightly colored Easter eggs to last longer than the realization of what is ours because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This monumental holy day must continue to fuel the passion and mission and purpose for our lives. It cannot “come and go” as any other holiday. Easter is not a “holiday” to be celebrated and then forgotten until it comes around next year. Easter is a reality to live in! Easter is the reality that we have been made right with God, set free from the slavery to self and adopted as sons and daughters of God. Easter is the reality that we have been made new creations and have been given the mission and  message of reconciliation.
Easter changed the reality of the first century followers of Jesus and Easter must continue to do the same for us. Join me as I allow the reality of Easter to take me from a Christian who is apprehensive to one who is fearless, speaking His name and sharing His message of new life and hope. It is time for the reality of Easter to last longer than a day. It is time for this reality to be lived day by day for a lifetime!
Are you ready to live in the reality of Easter with me?


Cathy Maxwell - April 27th, 2019 at 11:09am

Absolutely, this is the message of hope and abundant life. Thank you for the reminder and Happy Easter!

Bud Nollet - April 28th, 2019 at 8:58am

Great message! Very well said and right on point.

CJason Owens - April 28th, 2019 at 2:10pm

Easter equals life on so many levels, I will stand with you making Easter a daily choice of celebration!