Our struggle, God's solution!
by Mike Cool on June 19th, 2019
Two verses that changes everything! Romans 3:23-2423 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.Inherent and implied in these verses are two very important truths for our lives! First, we have all sinned, broken God’s laws, God’s commands for living and with that we all fall short of God’s gl...  Read More
A key to effective parenting!
by Mike Cool on May 25th, 2019
A great key to effective parentingWe all want the “silver bullet” for the hard things in life. When it comes to dieting, we all want a magic pill that gives us incredible abs or slender thighs! When it comes to learning a new skill, we would love for it to be downloaded into our brains and poof, we got it! The same with parenting. We wish there was a one size fits all answer to raising mature, res...  Read More
The glorious gospel the power for a glorious marriage!
by Mike Cool on May 4th, 2019
I was almost 30 years old when I finally got married. Alisa on the other hand was…let’s just say younger than me…much, MUCH younger than me. Some tease me and some accuse me of “robbing the cradle…”! There was and is a big age gap between us which Alisa passionately reminds me of especially when I receive AARP materials in the mail. We also come from very different families. Mine though loving, wa...  Read More
Living in the reality of Easter
by Mike Cool on April 27th, 2019
I love holidays! Especially those holidays where there is a build up to “the day”!I love holidays where school is canceled, banks and most business are not opened and friends and families naturally want to spend time eating a special meal together. The thing that I don’t like about holidays is how quickly they are over and how quickly the reason for the holiday is forgotten. Here we are the week a...  Read More
Hope of Easter
by Mike Cool on April 18th, 2019
First, let me say a big THANK YOU, for downloading our new church app and for choosing to read this blog. My hope is this will be a continual source of encouragement and a place where you can get a new perspective for life!Lately, I have been experiencing a rather weird phenomenon while driving. My leg falls asleep! I mean dead leg numb! You know when it feels like your leg has become a petrified ...  Read More